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Ustronie Apartments Ltd. based in Warsaw and its local branch in Ustronie Morskie, is a dynamically developing company with great potential. Ustronie Apartments is the result of detailed analyses and preparations.

We’ve learned the opinions and expectations on the market, that’s why we’re here and create your place on earth with passion, only 100 m away from the beach. This place is the perfect combination of breathtaking closeness to nature with unique architecture and inspiring interiors of the apartments.

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Investment location

Desire can take you far, if only you realise what you really want, you’ll know what is the next step that separates you from your dream goal.

Investment address:
ul. Spokojna
78-111 Ustronie Morskie

Sales office

Anna Zgoda

Director of the Sales Office

Sales office:
ul. Okrzei 6
78-111 Ustronie Morskie


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