Ustronie Apartments offers premises in the following standard:

  1. „Developers”.
  2. „Turnkey”: ready-made bathroom with tiles and white assembly, and in other rooms walls, floors, ceilings, interior doors.
  3. „Ready to move in”

Our professional team will provide you with detailed information on each of the above options. We are here for you.

The investment offer includes both flats (8% VAT) and apartment premises (23% VAT).

Ground floor: 10 apartments
First floor: 11 apartments
Second floor: 11 apartments
3rd floor: 11 apartments

Parking spaces: 26
Underground garage:
19 parking spaces

The rental operator is an experienced entity on the market:,

Examples of equipment options​

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    Investment address:
    ul. Spokojna
    78-111 Ustronie Morskie

    Sales office

    Anna Zgoda

    Director of the Sales Office

    Sales office:
    ul. Okrzei 6
    78-111 Ustronie Morskie


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